The Canadian dollar stops at the 1.26 mark

USD/CAD trend, the chart shows that RSI and Stochastic Index are in the oversold area; and the exchange rate has been roughly in the range of 1.26 to 1.29 since December last year, so it is currently close to the bottom of the range of 1.26. If there is a clear fall in this area, it is expected that the US dollar against the Canadian dollar will rebound again. Closer resistance at MA-50 of 1.2740 level. Next level of resistance at 1.29 and key checkpoint at 1.30. Greater downward support is estimated at the 100-month average of 1.2470 or even 1.24.

Estimated volatility:
Resistance 1.2740 - 1.2900 - 1.3000
Support 1.2600* - 1.2470 - 1.2400

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